Leads by Lordi Owners

Tyler & Kelli Lordi

After graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with degrees in business, we began our careers in the wholesale industry. Over the last five years, Tyler has helped to grow his father’s family business while learning everything from the ground up. Kelli’s skills in communication flourished in her administrative role, where she built countless relationships with customers. As the first person of contact, she learned to listen to the customer and provide them with the value they need.

Our interest in digital marketing began early on in our careers, as we watched each business grow from behind the scenes. After a while, the time had come to expand our marketing knowledge and invest into further education. Ready to let our creative side take over, we jumped right in and opened up our own digital marketing agency. We are excited to take all that we know and all that we have learned and put it to work in order to help you grow your business as well.